Conventional Acrylic Partial Dentures

With custom crafted acrylic partials from DeLux, your patients will benefit from a highly functional, cost effective and comfortable restorative solution.
Make DeLux your go-to partner for state-of-the-art acrylic partials.
For Patients Who Want Comfort & Function With Minimal Metal
Page Image – Acrylic Partial 2Acrylic partials consist of the denture teeth attached to an acrylic base plate. They provide good stability and retention due to the denture fitting closely and tightly against the gums and natural teeth, and the use of wrought metal clasps (retainers) to grip the teeth.

They are ‘mucosal borne dentures’- meaning they get support (resist chewing forces) by sitting on a patient’s ridges.

Acrylic partials are often desired because they are the least expensive option, they are quick and easy to make, to change, and also to take in and out.

Metal-free design
Clear, cast, or wire clasps can be added
Ideal wWhen implants or bridges are not an option
Replace multiple teeth with one appliance
Increased patient comfort
Patient-pleasing esthetics
Can reline, repair and polish acrylic saddles chairside
Less expensive than traditional metal partials
Hygienic, will not absorb stains or odors
What Makes DeLux Acrylic Partials Stand Apart?
Page Image – Acrylic Partial 3Our Acrylic Partials are fabricated using premium heat-cured denture acrylic for a high level of esthetics, durability, and patient satisfaction. Using cast, or wire clasps to improve functionality and comfort is discussed during case planning.

One advantage is that if the patient is having several teeth removed at different times, an acrylic partial can be made to fit after the first extraction and additional teeth can be added later as needed.

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Page Image – Acrylic Base PartialAcrylic Base
A great way to replace missing teeth when adequate space and lingual undercuts are available. Future addition of clasps or teeth is easily accomplished following simple in office or laboratory procedures.

Acrylic Base w/2 Wrought Clasps
All the benefits of the all acrylic partial the addition of properly
contoured and surveyed wrought clasps provides extra retention and stability.

Indications & Contraindications
Situations that require temporary or provisional restorations, case plans involving future removal of teeth.
Acrylic Allergies, long-term use.