Flexible Dentures

(also known as false teeth) need to be tough, which is why they’re made from materials that can withstand years of day-to-day wear. There are a variety of different kinds of dentures you can choose from, depending on your personal situation, and flexible dentures are one of them.

What are flexible dentures made of?
Flexible dentures are a kind of partial denture, but these ones are made of different materials than ordinary partial dentures. Most flexible dentures are made of a thin thermoplastic such as nylon, compared to the thicker, more rigid acrylic used in full dentures.

What are the benefits of flexible dentures?
You may find that flexible partial dentures are a more comfortable fit than other removable partials, especially if you’re still new to wearing replacement teeth. Not only that, but most partial dentures are usually made with metal parts which can sometimes show. Flexible dentures do not use any metal parts so tend to look and feel a lot more natural.

How do I clean flexible dentures?
Flexible dentures need special routines for caring for them and cleaning them. A typical flexible denture cleaning routine involves soaking them in denture cleanser tablet solution, brushing them free of debris and finally rinsing them under running water to remove any remaining denture cleaning solution.

Your dentist or dental professional will be able to help you decide which type of dentures suit you and your circumstances best, so you can smile and laugh out loud.