Peek Crowns and Bridges

PEEK is characterised by highly adaptable and useful mechanical and chemical properties. It has long been used in medicine for the preparation of different kinds of implants for long-term use, such as cranial plates, components of finger or knee joints, and spinal implants. More recently, PEEK has been used in dentistry. Due to its combination of biocompatibility and mechanical properties, it’s particularly useful for dental restorations and is ideal for CAD/CAM fabrication as part of prosthetic dentistry.

What are the benefits of PEEK?
In comparison to traditional materials, PEEK has a huge amount of advantages. It has a high strength to weight ratio and elastic properties similar to that of human bones. It has a zero corrosion rate, very low water absorption and is radiolucent, which means it is invisible to x-rays. There are also very few or none reported cases of allergic reactions in patients. PEEK is available in a natural, non-contrasting colour, which means that it looks more natural in the patient’s mouth, and, because it can be designed and manufactured digitally, dental prosthetics made of PEEK have exceptional accuracy and fit. PEEK is favourable compared to a metal implant as it eliminates any metallic taste, and isn’t sensitive to any temperature changes caused by eating and drinking.

There are many further benefits of PEEK including:

Can be digitally designed and milled to precisely match the patient’s mouth
No thermal or electrical conductivity
No soreness or irritation for the patient
Tough and durable with a melting temperature of 340°C
Resistant against staining
Lightweight, therefore easy for the patient to wear
Immediate absorption of body heat making it feel ‘natural’