Unbreakable Dentures

Unbreakable cosmetic dentures are constructed from a biocompatible non-allergenic nylon material; this non-metallic material provides a high degree of flexibility and durability which allows the dentures to fit comfortably around existing teeth and gums.

Their flexibility allows movement of the jaw line resulting in a more comfortable bite, something that many normal denture users frequently complain about.

Unbreakable denture can also be moulded around remaining teeth, allowing you to retain your existing teeth for as long as possible.

Our partial dentures are supplied by Valplast®, who has been manufacturing high quality dentures since 1953. Partial dentures can be manufactured and fitted in only two weeks.

There proven benefits are:

No shiny metal clasps
Positive retention
No tooth preparation
Life time guarantee*
50+ years’ experience

Needing to replace lost or broken teeth is not restricted by age. Many young people who suffer from sports or other accidental injuries may lose their teeth and need dentures. Acrylic dentures offer the most cost-effective solution.

Acrylic dentures are moulded into a plate to cover the whole of the top of the roof of the mouth and for lower jaws also a significant amount.

Metal claps are included to help hold the dentures in place. No two sets of dentures are the same. We carefully take impressions of any remaining teeth and your jaw and discuss the type of smile and finish you would like to achieve a natural appearance.

It’s natural that changes will take place to your jaw and acrylic dentures can easily be relined to increase their comfort and fit.

All dentures need regularly cleaning twice a day, just like your normal teeth, to maintain healthy gums and breath.

Chrome dentures are similar in construction to acrylic dentures with the exception that the framework is much slimmer and less noticeable. This is because chrome is a much stronger material and so less of it needs to be used.

Chrome dentures are ideal for many patients who benefit from increased comfort and an improved sense of taste. As chrome is inherently stronger they are less prone to breakage. Retaining clasps are more effective and patients comment on less movement and a feeling of greater security.

In addition chrome dentures are less noticeable to wear than acrylic dentures.

These benefits are balanced against higher manufacturing costs but we will be happy to quote for chrome dentures in comparison to acrylic or other solutions.